TWFTW Leaders Meeting in Pretoria, South Africa

TWFTW Executive Management Team (EMT) recently had a successful 3-day meeting at the Intundla Lodge in Pretoria, South Africa. Various matters were discussed and reported on.

Some time was spent on the Vision 2050 Implementation Plan. Specific goals that were set previously have already been surpassed! Testimonies of how the Bible has impacted some people in their local communities can be read here.

It followed a 5-day Leadership Conference where there were over 70 leaders in attendance from all the countries in which TWFTW works.

We were inspired and encouraged by Alexander Venter’s devotions and Chris de Wet’s teachings during the morning sessions. The afternoons were spent receiving training. There was ample time each evening to visit and enjoy each others company.

Together, we work towards bringing God’s Word to 500 languages and assisting other like-minded agencies in many more languages.