Translating the Bible Using Skype


The Romani translation project in Slovakia is one of our most unique! The three translators do not all live close to one another, and the majority of the translation is done over Skype. Working together in a group like this would never have been possible if not for technology and the opportunities it offers.

The Word for the World in Slovakia has also recently released 2 new mobile applications that make the Romani Bible accessible to everyone who has a cellphone. For the first time in history, through these apps, 17 books of the Old Testament are being published in Romani. What an amazing blessing for the Romani people!

The work of translating the Bible into Romani is going strong and is 71% complete, with the complete New Testament released in 2014.

To find the apps on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, search for “E Biblia andre Romani chib”.


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