Context of Scripture

One of the important parts of TWFTW’s work is partnership! The Word for the World is a member of the Forum of Bible Agencies International, or FOBAI. A few weeks ago, FOBAI had their regular annual meeting, but for the first time ever it took place in Jerusalem, hosted by the Jerusalem Centre for Bible Translators. The theme of the conference was “The Contexts of Scripture in the Land of the Bible”.

For obvious reasons, Israel offers significant resources for Bible translators! It is a huge advantage for a translator or consultant to be able to see and experience the land of the Bible. JCBT, as an accredited and established Hebrew University study program for translators, with its focus on the study of the language as well as the land, has been an innovator in the forefront of such training for translators and consultants. As they themselves say, “What better investment than to support a translator who will provide accurately and naturally translated scriptures for a whole people group!”

Janet Morgan, FOBAI Chairperson wrote: “I am sure that our immersion intellectually, emotionally and physically in the Context of Scripture will be inspiring and impact members’ work well into the future ”.