God’s Word Changed Our Lives!

Having the Word of God in your mother tongue is powerful and life changing! At a church in a village called Ngugwini, Tanzania, people who now have the New Testament in Zigwa express their joy by singing only worship songs in Zigwa. “Don’t pass me oh Lord, when you visit others, oh Lord, visit me…”

The pastor of the church, Grace, now preaches using the Zigwa Bible. She says that having the New Testament in a language they understand has been an enormous blessing and has greatly enriched all of their lives. People understand her sermons more easily, and the church has been growing rapidly since getting the Zigwa New Testament. Before, there were only 15 people in the church, but now there are over 70 and counting! Muslims and Christians in the village even read the Bible together now that it is in their own language.

“The Zigwa NT has enabled people to believe in God in amazing ways,” said the pastor of another church in a nearby village called Magereza. “When you preach and teach from the Zigwa NT, you can see the Word of God penetrate their hearts. The people have now become good friends with their Bibles because when they read it in their own language and understand what it says, they can see the love of God and that He has a purpose for their lives. They see that God is their friend, because He is speaking their own language.”

Some members of this church did not attend school growing up and did not learn Swahili, so they were only able to speak Zigwa. Before they received the New Testament in their own language, they didn’t go to church because the preaching and Bible readings were in Swahili. Now they not only go to church and hear teachings in their own language, they also go to other villages to spread the Word of God! There are so many stories of healing and of people coming to Christ in these two villages and the surrounding ones. The Word of God is indeed powerful and life changing!

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Photos by George Chombo.