History of the Bible

TWFTW is grateful for many partners sharing the vision to bring God’s Word to all people in their heart language.

A few of our valuable partners are The Seed Company, Jesus Film and Wycliffe.

TSC states the following on their website: “God became man. Jesus was the first translation. Through God’s Word, all people can intimately know Him and His gracious gifts of freedom, mercy and hope. God is at work today. With an urgency no one could manufacture, He is recovering, restoring and redeeming His people. We are grateful He’s invited us to join Him.”

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The Whole Bible for the Gamo People?

Reverend Derese of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus lives in the Gamo-speaking village of Zala, in Ethiopia. He has used an Amharic Bible all his life, despite his mother tongue being Gamo. After The Word for the World completed and distributed the Gamo translation of the New Testament in 2012 (see video), he was able to read scripture in his own language for the first time! Around 1.2 million people in Ethiopia speak Gamo, and now all of them can read the Bible in their own language.

How incredible it is when people can finally have access to the Word of God in their mother tongue!

“I easily understand when I read from the Gamo New Testament, and not only I can understand it, but my people as well. I benefit greatly from this, now that I can read the Bible in my own language and understand the Word of God easily,” Reverend Derese said after receiving the New Testament in Gamo for the first time. A Gamo translation of the Jesus Film has also been produced.

The Gamo Bible translation project started in 2003 in partnership with The Seed Company and churches in the language group area. The four Gamo translators—Andinet Meaza, Arega Adada, Tesfaye Tole, and Teliko Tona—are currently working on getting the complete Gamo Bible ready for publication and audio release. If all goes according to plan, the complete Bible will be sent to publishers in 2018! Our prayer is for speedy typesetting and that the funds will be available to publish and distribute the complete Gamo Bible.

How incredible it is when people can finally have access to the Word of God in their mother tongue!

Veronique Krüger

God's Word for the Roma People

Pierre Van Vuuren from Slovakia wrote:

"The vision of The Word for the World is the glory of God through transformed lives by the power of His Word in everyone’s heart language. We are partnering with The Seed Company (TSC), a Wycliffe affiliate, to translate the Old Testament into Eastern Slovak (Carpathian) Romani.

TWFTW’s translation director, Dr Manie van den Heever, visited for two weeks in the summer to
consultant check the Old Testament translation for accuracy and to provide training. Manie encouraged Pierre to train as a consultant, since there is a shortage of translation consultants. To date, the translation team has drafted more than 38% of the Old Testament. The text has to go through many controls before publication. At this stage we are working to get a solid team of reviewers who will give feedback to the translation team about the accuracy of the translation, vocabulary use, etc."

 Pray with us to speed up this process and for strength and wisdom for all involved.