Graduation Celebration in Tanzania

On Saturday, September 30th, The Word for the World Tanzania celebrated 9 students graduating with their Diploma in Bible Translation. All 9 students are Bible translators who have completed TWFTW’s training program, and who will now be able to more effectively work on the 6 translation projects of which they are a part!

Training is crucial to our mission of ensuring that all people eventually have access to the complete Bible in their own language! We want to enable people from language communities that do not yet have the Bible in their own language to take responsibility for Bible translation and related activities and to ensure its availability and accessibility.

The DBT (Diploma in Bible Translation) is practical, accessible, and third world-friendly while still adhering to high academic principles. It is a combination of formal lectures, self-study under the guidance of a lecturer, and on–the-job training. Students who have completed the DBT are far more equipped to be Bible translators and consultants!

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Veronique Krüger

Empowering Leaders

Recently in Southeast Asia, The Word for the World ran one of our many training sessions for students who are passionate about getting involved with Bible translation. The vision is that the students will be empowered to train and develop others to effectively carry out the Bible translation projects in Southeast Asia.

Starting each day with devotions, then following a rigorous study schedule involving Greek, Hebrew, and Literary Studies, the students were kept incredibly busy, but they persevered and seemed to enjoy it! One student, Reverend Chhotray, said, “I enjoyed the fun way of learning Greek, Hebrew and Literary Studies.” He is already an experienced ex-faculty member of a Bible college and is familiar with the Biblical languages, but it was an enjoyable experience for him.

Professor Mikko, who helped facilitate the training, confessed the fulfillment of his five-year old dream. “I am excited to work with highly motivated learners, clearly called to carry the TWFTW mission forward. What I have received from God, that I gave to this class, pouring buckets of information into receptive hearts. Thank the organization to give me this opportunity to teach. I am looking forward to teach more.”

The training would not have been so successful if not for the dedicated, hard working students, and facilitators who truly carry the vision for Bible translation. Thank you to all who participated.

Ethiopia: Training Students in Bible Translation

Altogether we had again 80 students this year. 53 Students are involved in Bible translation. Some of the translation projects are working on the translation of the NT and others on the translation of the Old Testament. The majority of projects are managed by TWFTW staff.

TWFTW is grateful for organizations who sent students, the TWFTW support bases and a German trust’s contribution to make this training event possible. The actual in-country training costs for the training are fully covered.

Most teachers were The Word for the World staff.