Starting Was All I Needed To Do

The calling and work we are involved in can often be overwhelming. In my experience, this is a good thing because it forces us to rely on the Lord to direct our paths as we step out in simple obedience.

One of our great challenges in the work of Bible translation is teaching people to read and write their own language so that they can read the Scriptures. Since many of the languages we are working in are only spoken, an alphabet needs to be devised for each language, which is based on their unique sound system. Using the writing script of the state or national language as a base, an alphabet is designed for each of the individual languages. The next step is constructing primers to teach reading and writing in the villages. These primers are produced during workshops where teams representing numerous minority languages work concurrently on their highly individual sets of literacy materials: instruction books with lessons, story books etc.

When running a workshop of this calibre, it is like the feeding of the 5,000. It is at times like this that all I can do is to start. Every time I’ve done these workshops in the past, I have been amazed to see that starting was all I needed to do. Just start. It is a step of obedience and a statement of trust in God to simply do what is required of you. One of my favourite quotes is, “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp… or what… is a heaven for.” (The Amateur Cracksman.) The miracle is His doing!

Jeanette van As