People of the Book

Even Muslims in Tanzania are overjoyed at receiving the Bible in their heart language!

The Yao Bible translation project is helping around 520,000 people in Tanzania to have scripture in their own language. Many of the people in this area are not even Christians, but Muslims. As you can imagine, there is often hostility between the groups, and Christians are sometimes persecuted for what they believe.

The project, however, is bringing the Yao people together, as all are excited to have an important book like the Bible in their language.

“This is what we need to read,” said one Muslim man in the community. “This is what we like to see. As you know, we are Muslim. We know that some of our Muslim family and neighbours have become Christians because of this kind of Book. Now that we have seen these books published in Yao, we want to see more printed in our language.”

You have helped to make this possible!


Véroni Krüger
International President
The Word for the World


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