International Board

The International Board is the supervisory board of TWFTW Bible Translators (TWFTW International as well as TWFTW Group). The Board consists of individuals who are not necessarily personnel of TWFTW and who have broad organizational experience as well as ministry perspective, providing international governance for the Group.

P.J. Vivier

P.J. Vivier

Attorney at law in South Africa, services include legal advice, was the co-founder of TWFTW with Véroni Krüger in 1981, and has remained faithfully involved with the organization though all the years. He is a practicing attorney in Pretoria, South Africa, specializing in conveyancing and anything related to real estate. PJ has devoted much of his time to serving as TWFTW’s legal advisor. He is known to be available for ministries and churches to serve them in an advisory capacity on legal matters and constitutional planning and reform, and has conducted workshops on legalities associated with business, for-profit as well as non-profit. His practice has led him to serve in South Africa as well as abroad.

Dr. Véroni Krüger
International President

Founder President of TWFTW – founded TWFTW in 1981, served as pastor for nineteen years, taught Greek at the University of Pretoria, earned a doctorate under Professor Johannes Louw, the co-author of the Semantic Greek-English Lexicon, thesis entitled “A Linguistic-Semantic Analysis of Discourse Relations in the Greek Text of Ephesians.”

Dr. Chris de Wet

Global President of Africa Ministries Network Services include accommodation for international personnel, served as ordained pastor and missionary in South Africa, studied Missiology at the Fuller Institute in California, USA and obtained a doctorate in Missiology at the Universty of Cape Town, founder and International President of Africa Ministries Network (AfMin, served as chairman of TWFTW USA Board 1998–2013.



Manju George

Chartered Accountant in South East Asia, Mrs. Manju George is a qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, (equivalent to a Certified Public Accountant as known in some other parts of the world), she is a partner in a firm practicing audit and taxation and corporate law, in Bangalore India, as part of her profession she works with several Christian organizations and other NGOs, she is also involved in training and consulting, in the area of finance management for NGOs, she is married to Mr. Saju George John, Director of NLCI a Bible translation organization in India.

Prof. Margaret Muthwii

Vice Chancellor of Pan Africa Christian University, a Distinguished career in Bible translation and in the academic arena, currently Vice Chancellor at the Pan Africa Christian University in Nairobi, Kenya.



Dr. Tesfaye Yacob

Manager of the Comprehensive Plan, a collaborative effort between six ministries to address the remaining needs for Bible translation in Ethiopia, medical doctor who went into ministry in Ethiopia, was imprisoned for his faith under the communist regime, served as the Secretary General of the Kale Heywot Church in Ethiopia for 8 years, now the manager of the “Comprehensive Plan” in Ethiopia, that is a collaboration among six ministries (including TWFTW) in the so-called “Last languages Campaign” (a program aimed at completing Bible translation in the last languages in Ethiopia that do not yet have the Bible.)


Steve Woodworth

CEO of Masterworks, CEO and owner of Masterworks, a company dealing in promotions in Seattle, USA, has handled large accounts for e.g. Focus on the Family, Campus Crusade, etc., served as Chief of Communications for Lausanne 2010 in Cape Town, has been supporting TWFTW faithfully for many years.


Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team (EMT) consists of regional directors, department heads and CEOs of Support Bases, with an elected chairperson.

The EMT is responsible for serving the interests of and co-ordinating the efforts of the group worldwide, in the fulfilment of their functions and objectives. The International President and Chief Operating Officer of TWFTW International also serve on the EMT.


P.J. Vivier

Dr. Véroni Krüger
International President

Reuben Kabwe
COO of TWFTW International


Dr. Manie Van den Heever
International Director of Translation Services

Dr. Regine Koroma
International Director of Training

Martie Krüger
International Director of Promotions


Dr. Barry Funnell

Dr. Peter Bradley

Enslin Lottering


Tesfaye Bekema
Regional Director of the Horn of Africa


Davies Malembeka
Regional Director of Southern Africa


Not pictured: Jacques van As, Regional Director of South-East Asia.