As a faith ministry, TWFTW relies heavily on its partners – intercessors, financial partners, as well as volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include the following:
Training Translators

  • Course Developers – for the Diploma in Bible Translation training program
  • Guest Lecturers – for the Diploma in Bible Translation training program
  • English Teachers – for TWFTW diploma level as well as post-graduate candidates
  • Technical Trainers – for training translators on Paratext and computer usage for twelve Ethiopian Bible translation projects (Aari, Awngi, Bench, Gamo, Gedeo, Gofa, Guji, Halaba, Konta, Melo, Oyda and Sheko)

Training Consultants

  • Academic Supervisors – for one or more modules for the MTh, as well as for PhD
  • Consultation Supervisors – who are willing to allow candidate consultants to work with them as interns

Translation Projects

  • Guest Translation Consultants – to work with the indigenous Bible translators
  • Typesetters
  • Typesetting Trainers – to train nationals to serve as typesetters


  • Electrical Generation Experts – to install solar arrays and/or generators, and assist local users in how to properly use them
  • Satellite Communications Experts – to install satellite communications devices in Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and assist local users to operate them


  • Construction Site Experts – to supervise the designing and building of centers for administration, training, consultation and exegetical work in Ethiopia and Zambia
  • Library System Experts – to supervise establishment of systems at resource centers in Ethiopia and Tanzania


  • IT Trainers – to improve computer and technology skills of existing personnel
  • Financial/Administrative Trainers – in bookkeeping (QuickBooks)/administrative skills