Our History
In 1983, Dr Véroni Krüger heard God say, “I want you to … establish an indigenous Bible translation agency whose vision will be empowering nationals to translate the Bible for their own people.” Initial responses to a decentralized translation approach were skeptical. But on January 9th, 1981, PJ Vivier and Dr. Krüger signed the Articles of Association and The Word for the World became a reality. Dr. Krüger then recruited a team of driven missionaries to blaze innovative trails in Bible translation.

Today, The Word for the World invests in communities by equipping church and local Christian leaders with necessary tools and establishing translation processes and infrastructures. Initial skeptics now recognize The Word for the World as one of the most innovative organizations in the field of Bible translation.
Vision & Mission
The vision of The Word for the World is the glory of God through transformed lives by the power of His Word in everyone’s heart language.

Our mission is to enable persons, ministries, and organizations from language communities that do not yet have the Bible in their own language to take responsibility for translating the Bible and ensuring its availability and accessibility.

International Board

Kobus van Aswegen

International President

Dr. Véroni Krüger

Founder President

Dr. Tesfaye Yacob


Prof. Margaret Muthwii


Billy Steyn


Enslin Lottering


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