Because the Word Changes the World
End Bible poverty. Join this indigenous-led Bible translation movement.
More than 3,000 language groups do not have access to God’s Word in their heart language.
There are more than 7,000 languages actively spoken around the world.
Why heart language translation?
In the spirit of the tenacious obedience to the Gospel, we move forward, giving all to the cause—the Word of God for every nation and tongue, regardless of size, location, or economic status. Right now, villagers from around the world wonder if God will come and speak as He has spoken, through His Word, to you and me. These are your opportunities to tell them, “Yes. He will come, and He will speak your language.”
Let’s end Bible poverty
The Word for the World’s unique approach for providing God’s Word to the local church is to provide God’s Word through the local church. We believe Bible translation should be an indigenous movement, owned and generated by the language group and supported through the church. The Word for the World responds to the call for Bible translation in three ways:
Invest in communities
and people
Provide and equip with
Bible translation training
Build infrastructure
for sustainability
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