A Dream is Unfolding in Uganda
February 20, 2023

Uganda is a country where God is opening doors to heart-language Bible translation in a widespread way. An invitation came to TWFTW from a group of church leaders in Uganda who dreamed of having zero-percent Bible poverty in their country. By their testimony, even though they dared to dream that dream, it felt unattainable. They did not imagine that transformation could begin so swiftly; and when those leaders look at all the work being done in the various Ugandan indigenous languages, they testify that it is nothing short of amazing.

Training began in Uganda in January 2022, and the first project was launched in March 2022. Staff members at the training reported that the locals reacted with excitement and determination, with an unrestrained urge to receive the Bible in their heart language. It was powerful to see how desperate many of these language groups are for God’s Word in their most natural tongue - some of whom had been praying for years for a Bible they could understand.

Jean-Paul Mnjango is a local man from the Mukono district in Uganda. When he heard about the start of the heart-language Bible translation work in his area, he said, “I have seen many just causes, missionaries bringing food and aid to the Ugandan people; but I have always found myself in pity of these foreigners because they do not understand the people or their needs. But I am disarmed by a cause so pure in intentions. To bring not only a Bible to a language, but also

help them to become literate in their mother tongue brings hope and pride back into the tribes of Uganda.”

By mid-2022, TWFTW launched projects in 4 languages, then another 4 started, and 2 more were approved by the end of 2022. It was a total of 13 translation projects including 3 Oral Bible Translation projects (OBT). These languages include the Basongora, Banyabindi, Bhavanuma, Bhasuwa, Batuku, Batagwenda Aliba, Gimara, Reli, Kukku, Mening and Ngaporein.

The dream is unfolding. For 2023, TWFTW Uganda envisages being involved in 15 to 20 more projects. Doors are also opening beyond the Uganda borders, with 5 or more projects about to be started in the neighbouring country of DRC.

Please partner with us in prayer for all God is doing in Uganda and the neighbouring countries. May His Kingdom come, and His will be done.

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