Bible Translation into the Luyana Mother Tongue
August 10, 2022

A little while ago we introduced you to Mubita who is one of TWFTW’s translators in the Western Province of Zambia. He is part of the Luyana people. His testimony of how God introduced him to learning the Bible in his own language is a wonderful example of a transformed life by the power of God’s Word. Through the power of the Holy Spirit working in his heart through the Luyana Bible translation he read, he knows in his innermost being that God is his God and speaks his language.

The Luyana people have not had an easy history with enduring pain caused long ago by attacking groups coming up from Southern African nations and battling against them for land. Between the effects of colonialism and historic factions, the Luyana find themselves living in clusters of small communities, far-flung from developed towns or cities. One person from this area reports that there is the possibility of utilities (electricity and water) from the Zambian government; but because they are poor, they are not able to pay for these luxuries. They are mostly subsistence farmers living off the land. They are not high up on the status ladder of Zambian culture and can feel forgotten by the Zambian government. However, they are proud of their culture, their language and their community. Like us, they love their families and long to develop and improve their lives for the sake of the next generation. Many have gifts and talents like Mubita, who is a polyglot - English is his 4th or 5th language!

We are excited to see what God has in store for the Luyana people. Through the hard and sacrificial work of Mubita and two other translators - plus Kapasa and Chali in doing training and exegetical work - the whole New Testament has been translated into the Luyana language! Praise God! It is in the process of its final checks through the work of the consultants, and we look forward to seeing it go to print. What a glorious day when – try to imagine! - the Luyana people have the entire Bible in their hands! Passing on the stories of not just the Gospel accounts and Paul’s writings, but also the stories from Genesis, Exodus, the Psalms, Proverbs and amazing prophecies of Isaiah in their heart language to their children and grandchildren. What a celebration that will be!

The importance of Bible translation into the Luyana mother tongue has, and will, ring through eternity!

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