Blessed is the man
April 29, 2022

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Blessed is the man who “delights in the law of the Lord, and meditates on it day and night”—Psalm 1:2. In the original Hebrew, I’m told that the word ‘law’ is actually ‘torah,’ which we often use to refer to the first five books of the Bible. However, the term ‘torah’ also can refer broadly to any teaching, instruction, and doctrine. So for us today, the law of the Lord can refer to all of His teaching and doctrine contained in the entire Word of God.

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What are we to do with His Word? We are to meditate on it; or quite literally, we are to ‘mutter’ or ‘murmur’ it! While the verb used seems to reflect a vocal activity rather than a silent reading, it doesn’t mean that if someone does not have vocal capability then they cannot meditate on Scripture. They can still ‘mutter’ or ‘murmur’ in their brains and commit Scripture to memory and embed it in their heart. However, if our preference is to stay silent so that we don’t embarrass ourselves or call attention to what we’re doing (which is the Western way of internalizing our spirituality), perhaps God is telling us to take a risk and let the Spirit show us how to use our voices to meditate on Scripture by muttering it out!

This ‘meditating’ might be similar to what we do if we ask someone for directions. When someone gives us directions, we often repeat them to confirm they are correct, and then we may mutter them to ourselves a couple of times so that they lodge in the brain. It’s like that with God’s Word. We are to meditate/mutter/murmur verses of Scripture so that they become lodged in our memories, and we can find comfort, instruction, and strength at any time of the day or night!

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Psalm 1:2 describes what should be true of every godly believer because life in the kingdom of God must be lived out of the Word of God. So, let’s delight in His Word by letting it lodge in our brains. And let’s rejoice that we have God’s Word so readily available to us! And let’s pray for those who anticipate God’s Word becoming available in their heart languages.

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Notes and references:
Written by Steve Lancaster

TWFTW UK Director


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