God Amazes Us
July 5, 2022

Just as business people use networking to grow their organizations, so God can join people to connect differing language groups to expand His work in the world.

In 2021, the Sala language started a Bible translation project. 315 villages make up the Sala Kingdom led by Se nior Chief Shakumbila. Mr. Shakaoma is the headman in Shinjanji village, and he is the private secretary to Senior Chief Shakumbila. Mr. Shakaoma worked with the Bible Society of Zambia before he became the private secretary to senior Chief Shakumbila. Kapasa, an exegete with TWFTW, met Mr. Shakaoma some years back when Mr. Shakaoma worked with the Bible Society of Zambia. In 2006, they did survey research for the Ila language together. He introduced Kapasa to the Ila people. The Ila people said they had been waiting for a Bible in their own language for a long time. They had a committee in Lusaka and raised K20, 000 (equivalent to $2.22 – more than we realize in their culture) to start paying the would-be translators. After the survey, the committee met with Bishops, pastors and church leaders from different denominations, and three people were chosen to be translators. TWFTW Zambia was excited to begin training them in Principles of Bible translation. These translators were later sent to Tanzania for Diploma in Bible Translation (DBT) training.

TWFTW Zambia did another language survey for the Sala language in 2021. Mr. Shakaoma again was the key person TWFTW Zambia contacted. He introduced TWFTW staff to the Sala Chief and helped to identify the translators through the local churches within the Sala chiefdom.

After the mother tongue translators were chosen, they were enrolled in the DBT training last year. This year, they have started working as translators!

God amazes us in how He uses relationships to spread the Gospel through Bible translation!

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