The Word For The World invests in communities by equipping church and local Christian leaders with necessary tools and establishing translation processes and infrastructures. When working in their own language as translators, even seasoned pastors experience revelation. Working with a translation project in Zambia, Pastor Theo revealed:

“The [Bible] consultants, with their wisdom and guidance, shed light on the intricacies of words like grace, repentance, redemption, glory, and many more, revealing depth and significance in ways we had never fathomed. It has been nothing short of a revelation—an awakening of the soul. …. This experience has humbled me and shown me there is always more to learn; more to understand. A veil has been lifted, allowing me to glimpse the profound beauty of God’s Word, His love, and boundless wisdom. We cannot express enough gratitude to those who have joined us on this sacred journey. Their dedication has been a beacon of hope and knowledge in our lives….”

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