The First Bible in Carpathian Romani!
February 18, 2021

Slovakia is a nation of hills, mountains, and bitter cold. 5.5 million people call Slovakia home, including nearly 500,000 Roma people. They are resilient and proud, having managed to keep hold of their traditions and culture in spite of being surrounded by dominate cultures that still want them to assimilate.The Word for the World is proud to be partners with the local Roma churches in Slovakia. We became partners with the Roma in 2004 through connections made by Pierre van Vuuren, a South African missionary who felt called to minister to the Roma. In 2013, the Roma translators completed the New Testament and it has since been published and distributed throughout the community! Today in 2021, according to Pierre, the Roma translation project is on the cusp of finishing the Old Testament. The only books left to translate are Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and then they will need to be checked by one of The Word for the World’s Hebrew Consultants.As early as December of this year, the entire Bible will be made available, for the first time in history, in Carpathian Romani. Please keep the translators in your prayers and join us in praising God that the translation project is near completion!

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