The Kingdom of God is Always Advancing
April 30, 2021

The world continues to be savaged by Covid-19. We are praying along with the world that this pandemic ends soon. Even so, in the midst of chaos and strife, God's Kingdom is at work. Hasn't it always been that way? Our human minds get caught up in the comings and the goings of the world, but the Kingdom keeps on advancing toward one goal: Eternal life with Jesus for all its citizens, where its people bow down and praise the Lord.

Another translator training event was held recently for students from 12 different Asian languages. They are, for the most part, already involved in translation projects for their own languages. During and after this event, several of the students actually expressed a further interest in Bible translation beyond translating for their own people. Praise God!

One of the students, whose name is being withheld for security reasons, said this: "The training was good. We learned how to create a dictionary and its usages. This will be very helpful for us to keep our language alive for the next generation. As we see our community developing, being educated day by day in the state language, our mother tongue is dying. It is very important to create a dictionary and to keep alive our language."

Two of the languages involved in this training already have a completed New Testament. The people belonging to this community are excited to have it published and are also eagerly awaiting the Old Testament's completion.

As you can see, many things are happening, and not even a pandemic or hostile governments can stop the Kingdom of God's advance.

Please join hands with us in prayer for these students and communities, and don't forget to let us know how we can pray with you!

We are in this together.

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