With My Language I Cannot Cross a River
April 23, 2022

The language our mothers teach us is an integral part of who we are. Countless studies have been documented that prove the strong link between language and identity. You are what you speak.

Oral societies who have no access to the joy of reading and writing in their mother tongue are disadvantaged. They often feel inferior to the dominant people groups around them. They cannot communicate using their language outside the borders of their homeland. They cannot cross a river with their language.

Very few minority language speakers successfully become literate in the national or state language. Those that do succeed often think that it is only possible to achieve their goals for a full and meaningful life through a second or third language.

When the Word of God becomes available in the heart language of the communities we are engaged with, literacy programs help these people to become literate very quickly. Since they are learning in a language they already know, they only need to acquire skill in the mechanics of reading and writing. Access to more literature develops fluency and confidence. Those who are literate in their mother tongue also have a better foundation for success in a second or third language. They usually have a healthy image of their language and feel that they have been recognized, that they are valued, and that God speaks their language!

It is surprising that of the 7,106 living languages in the world today, 6,657 of them do not have the complete Bible in the language they know best.

The Word of God is being translated into the languages of some of the most forgotten peoples of the world. But God has not forgotten them. Through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, His Word is becoming available to the lesser-known languages of the world through Bible translation.

The Scriptures are being translated into many languages of the world. We believe that it is essential to provide people with the entire Word of God. The Old Testament is foundational to understanding the New Testament. All our projects are full Bible translation projects.

God’s Word to mankind is becoming available to all! Thank you for helping to make this possible.

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